-Chemical costs included 

-1lb Granular Chlorine -2 Chlorine Tablets

-Total Adjustment of PH
-Balance chemicals
-Record chemical level data and crucial alerts (Emailed)
-Clean salt cell*
-Empty skimmer/pump baskets (includes deck traps and cleaners)
-Backwash filter* (DE included)  
-Brush walls and steps  
-Free service calls (with automatic dispatch)  
-Inspect pool equipment for proper function    
-Skim surface debris    
-Vacuum pool floor*    
-Lube backwash piston/pump lid o-rings*    
-Clean debris filter screens for in floor systems    
-Unclog pump impellers (includes pump disassembly if needed)*    
-Unclog vacuum cleaner turbines/diaphragms*    
(* When needed basis service is performed.)