Blueray XL is the ultimate Mineral Purifier for your pool. This innovative mineral purifier & catalyst that will aid in removing anionic compounds through flocculation in the water and increase the rate of chemical reaction of pool & hot tub oxidizing agents.

Have an algae bloom? Blueray XL will kill algae and add support to prevent future blooms.
Have cloudy water? Blueray XL has the ability to clarify your water and eliminate cloudiness.

This is a life saver for your pool, especially in the summer season. Have your water balanced. Make your chemicals more productive and last longer!
A 7-in-1 product that will keep working for up to six-months.
Contact us today to discuss how BLUERAY XL can benefit your pool!

What are Phosphates? Why are they in my Pool? How will phosphates effect my pool?

What is BLUERAY XL? How will BLUERAY XL help my pool? 

Phosphates or phosphorus in your pool without treatment will support the growth of Algae. Algae feeds off of phosphates and can have your pool become a not so pretty or healthy place to swim. See the informational video found here.

If you have Algae already forming in your pool contact us ASAP! We will be able to diagnose the issue, pin point the cause of Algae and get your pool back to tip top shape along with providing a prevention plan for your future. See below for types of Algae.

$79.99/ every 6 months during Summer Season